Precious, heartfelt gifts from South Tyrol.

There are moments in life when we briefly stop and reflect on those who are special to us, those we enjoy living or working with throughout the year. We wish to express our thanks and recognition of what they mean to us by presenting them with something personal and meaningful.
And what, we ask, could be better than a product that is good for both body and soul? We invite you to choose from our range of fine hand-crafted foodstuffs, our special wines or our Craft Beers, all produced with special moments in mind.

Surprise your nearest and dearest, your friends, your staff, your business partners or your customers with gifts for which they will continue to thank you for a long time to come ΓÇô of that we are quite sure!
We have put together a selection of gift packages as examples. We will also be pleased to assemble your own personal gifts.

Harpf_korb01-final.jpg Harpf_korb01-final.jpg

We at the harpf Drinks Store will be pleased to help you in carrying out your wishes. We of course offer an individual, personalised advice

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