Harpf news

08.09.2018 "harpf beer festival" with 16 brewerys and more than 100 beers

24.10.2017 "harpf wine degustation" with 24 selected winerys at "harpf drink shop"  

01.03.2017 you can get the fabulous beers from Toccalmatto by harpf  

20.12.2016 Batzen Br├ñu is presenting two new Barley Wines witch are calles "1870" and "Old Hand" 

19.10.2016 Chocolate and beer: Does it work? 08 p.m., Drink Shop harpf

10.09.2016 we organize the first "harpf beers festival" with 16 brilliant brewers and great beers

13.06.2016 the world champion of the beer sommeliers visit us for an exciting degustation 

23.04.2016 Camba Bavaria a Bavarian Brewer brings the RGHB beer to us to celebrate 500 years of Reinheitsgebot 

13.10.2015 harpf wine tasting with 24 producers in the harpf drink shop

15.06.2015 The Fentimans Soft Drink Rose is sold for the firts time in South Tyrol and becomes emidiately the favorite sommer drink.    

16.03.2015 The first Indian Pale Ale beer ever produced in South Tyrol gets on market. Who is the producer?? Right! It`s the Genius Batzten Br├ñu from Bolzano. 

17.11.2014 Start of selling "Fentimans Soft Drinks from England. Ideal for best Long Drinks and more. 

25.09.2014 "Homebrewing-make Your own beer!", two guys from Bozen tells You how to do. Come to the harpf drinkshop at 8 pm

02.07.2014 "Beer which tastes" with Agostino Arioli the head of Birrificio Italiano at 08 pm in the harpf drinkshop

09.04.2014 Belgium Beer at the harpf Drink Shop in Brunico: come and try 5 different beers at 8 p.m.!!

30.01.2014 English version of is now online