Beverage dispensing equipment

Harpf beverage dispensing equipment service: designed to meet customer needs.

schanktechnikHarpfΓÇÖs beverage dispensing equipment service has been rapidly expanded in recent years. Beer, soft drink and wine dispensers can be set up according to the wishes and requirements of hotel & catering establishments, with harpf naturally ensuring regular maintenance and cleaning. The aim of harpf is to work towards ever better quality for the benefit of both customer and caterer. The installers working for harpf are also constantly on the move, gradually improving the hotel & catering industryΓÇÖs knowledge of matters related to beer.

The advantages of harpfΓÇÖs beverage dispensing equipment:

  • one point of contact for beverages and dispensing equipment from a specialist beverage dealer
  • all product groups (beer, soft drinks and wine) dispensed from the tap are looked after and maintained solely by harpf
  • hotel and catering establishments can always rely on the full range of harpf products
  • beverage dispensing equipment can be loaned out
  • advice on the installation and design of beverage dispensing equipment
  • use of cost-saving dispensing technology
  • product quality is always foremost with our beverage dispensing equipment
  • full understanding of products and a passion for ensuring product quality
  • a constant, unconditional desire to improve quality
  • periodic, reliable maintenance
  • straightforward, rapid assistance
  • emergency service for urgent cases
  • highly-motivated, skilled installers
  • constant further training of staff
  • teaching of the basic knowledge of correct handling of products being served
  • advice on the correct glasses to use
  • support in the right care of glasses

harpf also offers a quality beverage dispensing equipment service for festive events:

  • mobile bar equipment
  • hot drink facilities
  • heat-retaining pots
  • pavilions for serving beverages
  • decor for seating arrangements
  • advice on the ideal location of dispensing points
  • emergency service for urgent weekend cases
  • advice on choosing the right products for the season

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