Portrait and history

As a traditional family business, our specialist drinks trade has been supplying customers with fine beverages since 1919. Our modern, prompt delivery system, ongoing advice and assistance, and constant support for our services are all aimed at guaranteeing our customers a first-class service in South TyrolΓÇÖs Pustertal and Eisacktal Valleys as well as Bozen.


We ensure the satisfaction of both yourself and your guests, whether in the hotel & catering trade, in clubs and associations, in companies or for home supplies.

Our range contains a vast variety of mineral waters, juices and lemonades, a selection of the finest beers, an enormous choice of local, Italian and international wines, as well as the best spirits, from grappa and cognac, rum and vodka to whisk(e)y and tequila. This offer is backed up by service items ranging from drinks lists to champagne coolers.

Our watchwords are quality and variety, with a comprehensive range of high-quality beverages and qualified, highly-motivated staff.

Our strengths are competence, excellent advice given by trained staff, rapid delivery, efficiency and reliability.

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