Soft drinks and beers

Our wide range of beverages contains over 2,000 high-quality products. Quality has always had pride of place in our extensive all-round offering.


Our beverages include fresh, healthy, mineral water from springs high up in the Alps, wonderful fruit juices, nectars for enjoying fruity tastes, fizzy lemonades from world-renowned manufacturers, as well as regional products.

We sell an especially wide range of selected beers, with the emphasis on those that have been brewed strictly according to the German Purity Law – the highest international standard for quality and natural ingredients in paler beers. We stock top-class products from acclaimed breweries: Augustiner (Munich), the Maxlrain castle brewery of Prince and Princess Lobkowicz (Bad Aibling), Schönramer, Auerbräu (Rosenheim), Lammsbräu (Franken), Camba Bavaria, Kitzmann (Erlangen) and Stiegl from Salzburg. We also stock excellent beers from South Tyrol. The artisanal Batzen Bräu has rapidly made a name for itself with connoisseurs in Italy, Austria and Germany while Antonius Bier, from the town of Seis under the Schlern massif, is also becoming increasingly popular. Craft beers too have for years been one of our specialities, with a range of Italy’s finest beers to enjoy: Birra del Borgo, Birra Baladin, Nuovo Birrificio Italiano and Doppio Malto.

We also of course offer a top-quality service to the hotel & catering trade, including advice on the correct choice of beer glasses, beermats and sundry bar material. We also make available dispensing equipment to hotel & catering establishments and provide regularly service to ensure flawless, continuous high quality.

The German Purity Law of 1516 specifies that only water, hops and barley malt may be used in the production of beer.
Water (over 90%) is the main raw material used in beer. Thus only high-quality water, often exceeding the quality of normal drinking water, is used in brewing.
Hops are the soul of beer, giving it its flavour and its typically bitter taste. The firm white head on a freshly drawn beer is also due to the hops.
Barley malt is a particularly important raw material for a good beer, giving the beer its full taste and colour.
It is thus strictly forbidden for brewers who make beer in accordance with the Purity Law to use rice or maize in their products.
Consumers who enjoy drinking a good quality product can easily tell whether a beer has been brewed according to the Purity law. They simply need to read the label on the beer bottle or tap where they happen to be.
The Purity Law is also the oldest consumer protection regulation in the world. Internationally it is considered as the highest standard for ensuring the quality of a beer. Brewing according to the Purity Law is a must for all quality-oriented brewers.

HarpfΓÇÖs own products: ΓÇ£KracheleΓÇ¥ and ΓÇ£AranciataΓÇ¥.


Our company also used to make fruit lemonades. Many of the older generation will still remember how they were allowed to open the fizzy, foaming bottles of ΓÇ£KrachelenΓÇ¥ in the 1920s and 1930s on church festivals and on other holidays. The ΓÇ£KrachelenΓÇ¥ were either yellow and tasted of lemons, or pink and smelling of raspberries, and were drunk straight from the bottle. There were no special glasses for the product, which itself contributed to the unmistakable taste of this sweet speciality. To open the bottle the stopper had to be pressed: this was a glass sphere in the neck of the bottle that would hiss and pop, resulting in the name ΓÇ£KracheleΓÇ¥ (ΓÇ£popΓÇ¥).

Production of harpfΓÇÖs own ΓÇ£AranciataΓÇ¥ (orange drink), launched in the 1950s, ceased in 1977 in order to fully concentrate on the wholesale trade for beverages.
What remains are the memories of the blue boxes with their white lettering and the legendary bulging bottles with their fruity, refreshing content.

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