A lifestyle to enjoy

A lifestyle full of enjoyment.

harpf has for decades been placing the emphasis on enjoyment. The harpf fine food store located at Stadtgasse 53 A in Bruneck is the place for those who prefer a lifestyle full of enjoyment. The shop, in the midst of the historic centre of the small town of Bruneck in South Tyrol, is where to meet and experience the Italian gastronomic and drinking cultures. A large selection of Craft Beers, wines from South Tyrol and the rest of the world, as well as the best-known and finest spirits, from South Tyrolean grappa and whiskey to vodka and rum. Lukas Harpf is proud to be a partner of the outstanding new brewing culture in South Tyrol and to be able to offer a range of excellent South Tyrolean Craft Beers.

genussThere are also fine foodstuffs from South Tyrol and the rest of Italy, sourced from locations offering ideal conditions for their productions. All products, whether regional or otherwise, are carefully chosen and thoroughly tested by Margit and Lukas Harpf before they are allowed to join the harpf range, with harpf vouching for the quality of the products while sharing the philosophy of slow food.

Visit our fine food store to enjoy food and beverages that provide a special pleasure, or surprise friends and family with gifts to please the body and soul!