Harpf Drink Shop

Return to the historic place of origin

In its new 170 m2 ΓÇ£harpf Drink ShopΓÇ¥, harpf offers a vast selection of fine beverages, with over 300 types of wine, 160 types of beer and 120 types of spirits, all accompanied by a variety of perfectly matched, hand-produced foodstuffs.

December 2012 saw the return to Bruneck of a tradition. The ΓÇ£harpf Drink ShopΓÇ¥ is a new attraction on the cityΓÇÖs main commercial thoroughfare, where the foundation stone of the firm of harpf was once laid in 1919.
The new harpf outlet in the city offers patrons a voyage of discovery through the world of drinking pleasures, as well as a wide range of foods for everyday consumption. Drinks from all over the globe generate a world of good taste, with delicious, hand-crafted food products to match: a varied and exciting selection of antipasti, pasta and risotto rice, salami and cheese, pickled fruits and sauces, spices and salts, preserves and chocolate, coffee and tea. ΓÇ£We have carefully selected these products while ensuring that they come from locations that offer the best conditions for their productionΓÇ¥, explains Lukas Harpf.

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A wonderful drinking experience

There is a separate section dedicated to wines from South Tyrol, containing the most important producers and varieties, with award-winning and rare wines, plus all the information you require to get the most enjoyment from South Tyrolean wines. The ΓÇ£harpf Drink ShopΓÇ¥ also offers a surprisingly large selection of wines from the worldΓÇÖs best-known winemaking regions, a correspondingly wide range of sparkling wines, as well as the finest spirits, from whisk(e)y and cognac to grappa and rum.

There is a unique range of Craft Beers from near and far: 160 different artisanal products are available to be bought separately or as an individual mix.

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94 years of tradition

harpf has a long tradition in the retail trade. In 1919 it was the foundation stone of the firmΓÇÖs business in BruneckΓÇÖs Stadtgasse: at that time it featured a bakery, a wine store and a food business. Subsequent generations continued to build up the business, specialising in supplying drinks to the catering and retail trades in the Pustertal Valley. At the end of the 1960s the company moved to its current headquarters on the Nordring in Bruneck. Lukas Harpf represents the fifth generation of the family to manage the company, while his wife Margit today runs the ΓÇ£harpf Drink ShopΓÇ¥, restoring a long harpf tradition to BruneckΓÇÖs Stadtgasse. Just as at that time, the offer includes foodstuffs, wines, beers and spirits for everyday use.


Daily tastings

The harpf Drink Shop each day provides a small selection of beers, wines and spirits for free tasting, accompanied by lovingly made foodstuffs. Highly trained staff witch beer and wine sommelier diploma are on hand to explain the background to the products available and to give a full description of how best to combine the food and drinks on offer.



harpf Drink Shop
Stadtgasse no. 53 a
39031 Bruneck ΓÇô South Tyrol

Tel. (+39) 0474-537131
Fax (+39) 0474-537132
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Opening hours
Mon-Fri: 09.30-12.30 and 14.30-19.00
Sat: 09.30-12.30 and 14.30-18.00

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